1. Guaranteed Peace of mind, you can leave your keys with us and be sure to lock up after an



Peace of mind.

clean up after our selves.

You will know where you stand with us and what to expect. We are so confident we will deliver, we guarantee it. It gives you real added value and all the reassurance you need.

1.  StrategyIn depth strategic discussions about all key campaigns. We will understand objectives, audiences and messages then deliver appropriate tactical programmes which can be evaluated.


2 PRThe PR value of our coverage will always exceed your investment in our service.


3 ServiceWe promise to be available at short notice throughout an extended working week (from 8am to 6pm). A member of your account team will respond to any query whether by email or phone within one hour. We will be available to PR clients to deal with emergency PR queries 24/7.


4 ValueOur low overheads, through use of home working, enable us to offer some of the industry’s cheapest rates. With our hourly rates starting from just £35 we promise to offer lower overall hourly rates than any other PR Week Top 40 consultancy.


5 Copywriting We will be clear about the call to action for all copywriting jobs whether PR, publications, online, advertising or any other. Producing readable copy is one thing but it also has to do a job whether it be selling, engaging, changing image or promoting.


6 Accessibility We make sure that all our marketing material whether off or online is accessible to our audiences. This involves taking into account the guidelines of the RNIB and a range of other bodies.


7 Ethical We pride ourselves on being a green company and will always specify the greenest solutions. This includes using FSC approved printers and monitoring the size of our carbon footprint.


8 Amends We accept that client amends are part and parcel of most jobs. We will happily make two sets of client amends without charge and we will never charge for those that are our responsibility.


9 DeadlinesWe will hit all key client deadlines. Regular scheduling, a flexible staff team and strong relationships with key suppliers mean we never miss a key deadline.


10 Choice As a full service consultancy offering around 20 different marketing services we can always offer our clients a choice of tactical marketing solutions. With design this includes offering a variety of conceptual ideas for key campaigns. This choice also extends to our team of suppliers enabling us to offer a range of options for printing and photography.


11 ResearchWe will follow all key projects with a customer survey giving you a chance to give us detailed feedback on our performance. This is in addition to regular face-to-face reviews with the account team and chief executive. Where relevant we produce reports evaluating our activity and performance as part of the fee.


12 FunWe guarantee that you will enjoy working with us. We’re not precious, overbearing, temperamental or bureaucratic. We are down to earth, easy to work with and enjoy having a laugh. You’ll have fun working with Word Association, we guarantee it!